Why Press-On Nails Are the Best Form of Manicure — Editor Review

When extensions or nail art get introduced to the mix, a gel manicure can cost a pretty penny (over $100 if you like the real complicated stuff). When I take the plunge and try something new at the nail salon, there’s a solid 50/50 chance I’ll actually like it — those odds aren’t favorable for a broke bitch like myself. And what’s the use of paying for designs you don’t really enjoy, only to be forced to keep them on for weeks at a time? I say no, thank you.

Most packs of press-ons, however, cost less than $20. And like I mentioned earlier, they come in every style imaginable and come off rather easily. Even if you wanted to try a completely different nail look every couple of days, you still wouldn’t spend nearly as much time or money as you would in a salon.

They’re going to become way more commonplace this year.

Not to sound like I’m a popular teenage girl in a romantic comedy from 2004, but press-on nails are kind of all the rage right now. If you ask professional nail artists, they never really went out of style. “Tips and press-ons have always been critical to editorial manicurists,” says nail artist Miss Pop, who used press-ons to create graphic ’80s nail art at Jeremy Scott’s most recent New York Fashion Week show. “They’ve given us the ability to do truly outrageous looks. You can paint them ahead of a red carpet, runway show, or shoot and apply them quickly.”

Jeremy Scott wasn’t the only spring 2020 New York Fashion Week runway where press-ons were paramount. The ethereal, pearl-embellished looks at Alice & Olivia and the edgy, matte nails seen at Rebecca Minkoff were also the result of custom-painted press-ons — and runway trends always trickle down to the mainstream. Cue the infamous cerulean sweater monologue from The Devil Wears Prada here.

If Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly can’t convince you, take into consideration the fact that Jennifer Lopez recently wore a set of custom press-ons for her New Year’s Eve bash. Or that famed nail artist Eun Kyung Park just revealed her nail-art closet, comprised entirely of press-on sets she designed herself.

Basically what I’m saying is that, like mine, your love for press-on nails is just inevitable. If this post can’t get you to agree with that, your favorite celebrity or nail artist might when they start wearing them in earnest.

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