The Cutest, Coziest Socks You’ll Want to Wear All Winter Long — Shop

We all have a different relationship with socks. Some of us like to keep it simple with solid, neutral colors, others prefer funky patterns worn either as a hidden secret under inside our boots and under our pantlegs or as a bold element of their outfits; some folks want their socks to feel virtually undetectable while others want their socks to feel like a full-blown hug. But no matter our personal sock preferences, we all rely on socks for the same thing: keeping our feet warm when the weather isn’t.

Whether you’re seeking a practical accessory or a chic accent, the socks below have got you covered, figuratively and literally — from your toes to, at the very least, your ankles, and often your shins and even your knees. With materials like cozy cotton, merino wool, and super-soft chenille, you won’t just stay warm, you’ll stay comfortable and itch-free. Plus, anyone who catches a glimpse of your socks will be impressed with your taste in stylish lower-extremity coverings.

Below, find your new favorite socks for wearing around the house or around town.

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