The Best Fragrances and Perfumes for Fall 2019

Just when you think summertime sadness is inevitably setting in, you catch a sniff of sweet pumpkin spice and a peek of the new fall fashion statements and know everything’s going to be alright. What the summer delivers in easy living, the fall delivers in style, helping us ease into the whole layering process that comes with the seasonal shift.

While we swap out our sandals and tanks for boots, sleeves, and coziness, we’re also looking toward a fall fragrance lineup that plays to the woody, sweet, musky scents of season. Pumpkin spice fan or not, these new fall fragrances play to all noses with refreshingly bright, warm woody notes found in Armani’s newest scent, rich, comforting sweetness from Bath and Body Works, and equally as exotic, unexpected blends like those found in Gucci and D.S. & Durga latest releases. No matter which one you spritz, these new fall scents bottle up the season and serve as the perfect invisible accessory to top off your meticulously crafted fall fashion statement.

Whether you’re in search of classic autumn sweetness or looking to experiment with a moodier oud, this eclectic lineup of new fall fragrances includes something for everyone. So before you fret about tucking away your summer swim collection, here are 19 new reasons to get psyched for fall.

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