The Ankle Boot–and–Skirt Outfits We’re Wearing on Repeat This February

From age 4 onward, tights are a standard part of most of our school uniforms. Most of us have at least one story when we’ve unfortunately trapped our skirt or dress in them. That’s before we’ve got on to the subject of tights that fall down so frequently you walk like a penguin for a lot of the day. What I’m saying is by the time you’ve escaped school, you’re ready to peel off your pantyhose ASAP.

But the thing is that tights are actually pretty great. Think about all the great winter outfits, and ankle boots plus tights and a skirt has to be one of them. No matter the length of the skirt, you can guarantee the addition of a pair of ankle boots will make it feel ideal for the colder weather. Ready to see five different ways to style this look? Keep scrolling for more.

Style Notes: One of the biggest boot trends this winter has been of the stomping variety. Add them to an elegant midi skirt and a roll-neck to make the whole look feel fun but grown-up. 

Style Notes: A great way to avoid making a ruffled miniskirt look too “schoolgirl” is to add a pair of witchy lace-up stiletto boots. 

Style Notes: Bring the sass with a side-split skirt and a pair of classic black boots. 

Style Notes: White boots look great with tights and a checked miniskirt. 

Style Notes: The long denim skirt is currently being revived from the ’90s. Add metallic kitten-heel boots to give it the 2020 treatment.

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