Mario Dedivanovic Shares How to Use KKW x Mario: The Artist & Muse Collection — Interview

The lip liner, dubbed Beauty Icon, also doubles as an eye shadow in a pinch, Dedivanovic points out. The creamy texture easily melts onto lids for a monochromatic look. You can smudge it all over and run it along your waterlines, he says. Noted. If you prefer to keep it just for your lips, though, Angela Trakoshis, Allure‘s digital assistant beauty editor, swears it’s the same color of her lips.

Overall, the collection doesn’t have a specific color scheme or theme other than The Artist & Muse. Dedivanovic took the concept as literally as possible, only including shades that he knew he could use on his ultimate muse, Kardashian West — no matter what she has going on for any given day. For the palette, Dedivanovic approached it as if he were creating the only one she would ever need. “I wanted to make sure if I’m not doing Kim’s makeup that she could easily use these things and without my help,” he explains.

To ensure this, he didn’t include any bright shades he knew she would consider outside of her comfort zone. When he brings this up, I’m reminded of when Kardashian West recently told me, “Mario and I do fight over getting things a little bit more unique on me, like trying new looks. He always thinks I really am stuck with my one look that I go for, and he wants to do a color a lot of the time.” But now was not the time to go outside of KKW’s box, the box that has defined a signature makeup look people all over the world vie for.

Of course, going straight to the palette’s muse for her honest opinion came in handy, too. “I am a little finicky with decisions and with perfecting things,” Dedivanovic admits. “I went back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth at the lab on the mustardy yellow shade. And then I wanted to maybe include a green, but it wasn’t sitting in the palette for me. Then, Kim, if I recall, said, ‘I could live without it.’ That’s what gave me the okay to let go of it.”

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When looking at the palette, the aforementioned mustard shade, which is called Look Up!, seems unexpected among the browns and creams. Well, remember the cobalt blue that everyone raved about in the first collection? Look Up! is the standout of The Artist & Muse Palette. “I’m a makeup artist, but I also play it safe a lot of the times,” Dedivanovic explains. “I stay true to who I am, and I do love natural tones. That’s what I love. That’s my favorite, but when I see shades like that mustard one, it inspires me to dip into the palette.”

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