Lili Reinhart’s Favorite Skin-Care, Makeup, and Hair Products — Interview

If Betty Cooper of Riverdale is a demure baby-pink lipstick, then her real-life counterpart Lili Reinhart must be a neutral eye shadow with a glittering finish: practical and down to earth, but not without its dazzling qualities — and widely beloved. The Allure cover star might be young at just 23 years old, but her early and abrupt entrance to the spotlight has rapidly turned her into a household name thanks to the CW series’ intensely dedicated fanbase and her role alongside Jennifer Lopez in 2019’s Hustlers.

That degree of fame doesn’t come without its side effects, as evidenced by the affable yet postured way the actress presents herself. Her worldview definitely isn’t that of an average 20-something woman, but that doesn’t make her any less relatable, especially when it comes to matters of beauty. Though she enjoys a splurge here and there, Reinhart’s skin, hair, and makeup sensibilities are probably a lot like yours. If you’ve ever battled severe acne breakouts, frequently lurk YouTube for trends or tutorials, and love nothing more than a drugstore makeup run, hers is advice you’ll want to follow.

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ALLURE: What’s the last product you finished?

LILI REINHART: “My Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy hair mask. It’s in a little green container, and it smells really good.” [This mask is sadly discontinued, but here’s a similar option from the brand.]

A: What’s your biggest beauty extravagance?

LR: “Probably my facials slash Laser Genesis, which is to help with redness and discoloration. I see Renée Rouleau.”

A: What do you pick up at the drugstore?

LR: “I like CoverGirl mascara [Reinhart is a spokesperson for the brand]. I use LashBlast.”

A: Oddest makeup trend you’ve seen?

LR: :Have you seen those videos [where] people apply makeup with random objects? There’s a girl that puts foundation on with a light bulb. [Or] they use the heel of a stiletto to contour their face.

A: Biggest beauty battle?

LR: “When I was in seventh grade, I started getting cystic acne on my forehead. I still get breakouts, but it’s much more under control now.”

A: Favorite thing about your face?

LR: “My little [sun] freckles. They move around. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, where did that thing come from?'”

A: Beauty advice you wish you could give Betty Cooper?

LR: “I would say, ‘Girl, wear your hair down more. You’re going to be bald.'”

A: What is your favorite sunscreen?

LR: “For my face I use the Renée Rouleau brand. It’s nice and light.”

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Courtesy of brands; Illustration by Nicola Dall’Asen

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