Lili Reinhart Calls Out Photoshopping Apps for Contributing to Unrealistic Body Expectations

And it seems as though this issue is personal for Reinhart; the 23-year-old has been candid about her own struggle with body dysmorphia, recently telling Glamour UK: “Even today, I see myself in the mirror and think, this doesn’t look the way the world tells me it should. I don’t have a cinched, minuscule waist. I do have curves, I have cellulite, my arms aren’t stick thin. This is my body and we’re told that it should fit certain proportions. There’s such a disgusting problem right now with people photoshopping their bodies. Obviously, there’s a reason why people do it, they’re insecure, they feel like they’re not good enough, and that’s incredibly sad.”

While there are a host of things that could lead to body dysmorphia or eating disorders (photoshopping apps certainly aren’t the only contributor), there can be a correlation between what we see on social media and how we feel about our bodies.

But with celebrities like Reinhart emphasizing the importance of self-love (and acknowledging that the process isn’t always easy), it helps the rest of us know we aren’t alone. “Remind yourself that this perfect world you see online or in magazines…in movies and television…are presented to you through many different filters,” the actor said at Glamour’s 2018 Women of the Year Summit. “Do not set impossible goals of meeting those fake standards. It’s unrealistic to think that your body or my body will ever look like anyone else’s. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. We are all imperfectly beautiful.”

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