How Makeup Artist Pat McGrath Invented ‘Euphoria’ Makeup — Op-Ed

Not every technicolor look you see right now is inspired by the show — mine included. I have to bite my tongue every time someone sees the neon lines on my face or the crystals glued around my eyes and says, “Someone’s been watching Euphoria.” None of this happened overnight, let alone in the past couple months since the pilot aired.

“We’ve been doing colors for some years now. We always do them,” McGrath pointed out after someone noted that we are seeing a lot of fun colors this season. McGrath recalled the shocking cobalt blue shadow she literally created for the Anna Sui Fall 2017 show. I’ll also direct you toward the lines of glitter she painted down models’ eye for the designer’s spring/summer 2018 show and the dreamy rainbow shadow for Spring 2019.

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Bold, experimental makeup has been a constant part of NYFW, and it will continue to be for years to come, whether Euphoria is on air or not. The only difference is the show is helping normalize them [THEM?] at the moment and making people more inclined than ever to experiment with makeup. Euphoria‘s cultural impact is undeniable.

Although Euphoria‘s makeup team didn’t invent neon, rhinestone, and abstract makeup, its head makeup artist Doniella Davy has done an amazing job putting fun, unconventional makeup on stage that is more accessible than Fashion Week. She’s shown through Euphoria‘s dynamic cast that makeup is a powerful means of self-expression, and that everyone can explore its emotive abilities. Davy has proven that eye makeup can share who you are with the world with a two-second glance.

Most of all, the TV show has given personalities to the makeup that McGrath pioneered. Euphoria has brought McGrath’s signature looks to life in a way beyond models walking down a runway. The show also put statement makeup in the context of hyperrealistic teens to make it seem more relatable. If a teen like Jules or Maddy can wake up every morning and execute these kinds of looks before school starts, then so can I, right?

With Zendaya, Hunter Schaffer, and Barbie Ferrera’s examples, people feel more inspired and confident than ever spackling their lids with the sparkliest, most vibrant beauty products they can find. And it’s so fucking cool to see my Instagram Explore page filled with interpretations of their looks from the show because of that. One TV show with only eight episodes did that.

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