Hailey Bieber’s Street Style Suit Look Is Totally Unexpected

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Somedays, it feels like I have the whole street style thing figured out—until a celebrity steps out in an ensemble that rocks my world. On Monday, while out and about in Los Angeles, Hailey Bieber wore a street style suit look that has officially shaken me to my core. This is the type of outfit that reminds me why I stay indoors wearing leggings and t-shirts. There’s no way I could pull off this absolutely legendary ensemble that Hailey Bieber has chosen to bless us all with right now. Consider my jaw dropped.

There’s no denying the fact that Hailey Bieber has much better street style than her husband, Justin Bieber. No offense to the Biebs (my childhood crush!), but dressing like a 13-year-old skater boy doesn’t equate to fashion. Hailey, on the other hand, always comes dressed to slay, and her most recent street style look is no exception. Seriously, Hailey Bieber has just earned all of my respect by pairing a red Balenciaga suit with a light gray hoodie. Can! You! Believe!?

Hailey Bieber


It takes a certain kind of person to rock red power suit. I’ve only seen it done once before by my friend Aubrey, who wore a red suit the day after she got married—a boss move in of itself. Hailey Bieber has just taken that energy and multiplied it by thousands. Because not only did she wear a red Balenciaga power suit, but she paired it with a hoodie. Not a graphic tee, not a button down shirt—a hoodie. I wish I could take runway fashion to this level, too, but I think Hailey Bieber might have a better handle on it than I would.

Hailey Bieber


In addition to the hoodie and red power suit, Hailey Bieber wore white sneakers (a classic) and carried a Staud bag (also a classic, but a slightly more expensive one). I’ve witnessed many celebrity street style looks in my time, but this hoodie and power suit combo might just be my new favorite. Catch me attempting to wear this at holiday parties this season. We’ll see how it goes.

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