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Go back and look at your inspiration images. Now’s the time to try out that new way of wearing a shirt or pairing of a flowing dress with chunky boots. Don’t get stuck thinking “that’s not for me” — try out anything that piques your interest.

For example, I spent a long time under the illusion stilettos were too “adult” for me, despite the fact I’m in my mid-30s. A little exploration made me realise as a freelancer, I’d internalised other people’s suggestions I didn’t have a “proper job”. I experimented with heels and found I really enjoy the experience but ultimately don’t find vertiginous shoes comfortable for my daily life. I switched to kitten heels and now have one pair for nights out—and I really look forward to wearing them!

A word of caution. If you’ve, say, never worn blazers and want to explore them, don’t invest in several or even one that’s £100+. You may find that while you liked the idea of appearing smarter, you actually find them uncomfortable or they don’t feel right on you. Or (like me and the heels) you might find you only really need one blazer for the occasional job interview.

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