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Interview by Latasha Henderson

I had the honor & privilege of catching up with UtiNwachukwu, dope Nigerian TV/Event Host, Actor, Philanthropist, Musician & Model. Uti has been really shaking the grounds of the community with his giving back and his involvement with different campaigns such as his partnership with the European Union and British Council to raise awareness on the stigma of rape, Widows foundation and much more. Uti has proven for years that he is more than just a look, his tenacity for bringing awareness & executing solutions for Nigeria is mind blowing. On the Fashion note, I absolutely respect how he also travels the world and he always wears Nigerian brands. He is a Fashion Maven & known for his exquisite style each and every time you see him, even if it’s a casual day… he still manages to slay. We spoke about a few things from his Style, to the fun part of his career, giving back & more. Check out our conversation!


What projects are you working on for 2020?


I like to keep my projects on the low, until they are executed; however, I’d let one out of the Bag… well Sort of … lol. There’s a NEW reality show that’s about to launch and I have been asked to partner with them. It’s a show that’s set to financially empower young entrepreneurs with great ideas/ businesses. I’m pretty excited about this one, as one of my main passions is to help others.


Uti, you are a man of many hats… to someone who is just reading about you, can you tell me your current career titles you hold?


I guess it’s safe to say TV and Lifestyle Personality, but to be more specific – TV Presenter /Events Host,Actor, Model, Speaker and Underground Musician.


Being that you are a TV Host & Event Host, what do you enjoy about hosting?


I have always been a natural orator right from my younger days. I was the kid my parents would call to the living room to tell stories to their guests (laughs). So as far as hosting goes, I guess because a LOT of my authentic and organic personality is allowed to shine through when I host. Plus it’s instant, it helps me connect with my audience when it’s LIVE and I get instant feedback on how or what to improve on my skills. To paint a simple picture…It’s being me and getting paid to be me.


You are huge on community works and giving back… This stands close to your heart. Please tell me about your charity works and what you are apart of?


My fan Club and I started the “Uti Lead’s the Stars” charity project in 2011 to cater to Widows. After my Dad passed, my mom became a widow… then it hit me that there are women out there with no one to take care of them like my mom had been through. The initial format was to gather a few of my entertainer friends to come together, donate and spend special days with the widows.
After a few years I decided to let go of the entertainers idea, because of unfulfilled promises and let downs. So the Fan club and I focused on getting donations from the fans and my charitable friends. We just concluded the 9th Edition this December 2019. It’s always heart-warming to see the smiles on the faces of the adorable women.

Apart from that I have partnered with the European Union and British Council to raise awareness on the stigma of rape and I also have adopted 3 of their Sexual Assault Referral Centers in 3 different states.


Let’s have some fun, tell me one thing that pplwouldn’t know about you just by looking at you….?


(Laughs) Probably that I’m a big softie on the inside when I am by myself. I think very kind thoughts and sometimes if I watch something emotional when I am alone, a tear or two may drop…Hahahaha.


What was your most memorable moment in 2019?


Ahhhhh…. Too many moments! Every time I traveled or worked with a good organization for the first time, these opportunities were All memorable, because I stay grateful 🏾


If there were something you could change about yourself what would it be?


Why the Heck would I want to do that when Jahcreated me perfect in HIS own eyes??? Naaaaa I’m goody.


(Laughs) I love your dope confidence, it’s inspiring…To conclude our talk, is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout-out to?


To everyone who God has used to encourage and manifest His Vision for me… I say “Thank You and God’s blessings upon you”.

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Uti Nwachukwu

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Seyi Banjoko

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More Photos from Uti’s Editorial, shot in Victoria Island. Lagos, Nigeria

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