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It’s a known fact that the camera adds extra weight and even thin people can look bad in the photo because of this. However, there are special tricks that help to look in pictures as well as in life or even thinner. Here are 12 tips from models and photographers.

1. Watch your posture

Good posture is a universal rule during photo shoots. This helps not only to look slimmer but also makes a person taller. Practice standing with your back straight, shoulders back and chest forward. We often stoop in everyday life, but as soon as we begin to watch our posture, our appearance improves.

2. Don’t put your hands too close to the body

When you stand with your left or right side towards the camera, don’t put your hands too close to your body. This pose makes your hand bigger and your torso wider. A great way to fix this is to put your hand on your hip or leave it hanging in the air but at a distance from the body. Also, don’t raise your shoulders at this moment.

3. Put your chin up

This is especially useful during a portrait photoshoot. It’s enough just to turn your head slightly upward as if you are looking above the camera to raise your chin. At the same time, your eyes continue to look into the lens. This pose helps to extend the neck and get rid of the double chin. Also, turn your head slightly to the right or left, depending on which side of your face looks better in the photos.

4. Keep your tongue pressed to the palate

Few know about this secret, but it helps to get rid of the double chin in the photo. Keep your tongue closer to your upper palate. It seems strange, but such an action compresses the muscles under the chin and gives you a slimmer look.

5. Always sit on the edge of the chair

If you are sitting in a photoshoot, tilt your torso and sit on the edge of a chair or sofa that is closer to the camera. When we sit at the back, we tend to slouch, which increases the size of our body in the photo. Place your legs diagonally to the camera to make them look longer.

6. Keep your ankles crossed

If you are photographed while sitting, make your ankles crossed but don’t cross your legs. Move your knees slightly forward to lengthen the body and draw attention to the face. It’s uncomfortable to sit in this position for a long time, but it will help you look more attractive in the photo.

7. The correct camera angle for slim face

Every photographer knows how the camera angle can completely change the usual picture or show the best side of a person. During a photoshoot, it’s important to keep the camera straight and not tilt it up. Otherwise, it will create the feeling of a big face and extra folds on the neck. To look thinner, incline the camera down and shoot from above.

8. Dark clothes at photoshoots

It’s known that black helps to hide excess weight, but this doesn’t mean that your every photoshoot should look like a funeral. Any dark color, including burgundy, eggplant, navy blue makes us slimmer. It’s advisable to use plain clothing, as large patterns and patterns can increase your size in the photo. It also helps to focus on the face.

9. Choose clothes that emphasize the advantages of the body

Well-chosen clothes are just as important as color. Avoid loose-fitting clothing that visually expands your body. It’s optional for girls to emphasize the waist with a belt, and high-waist trousers, skirts.

10. Pick the right bra

Most women choose the wrong bra size. This leads not only to discomfort but also to bad photos. You need to find the perfect bra that lifts your breasts and makes them bigger. Buy one with a pushup for a photo shoot even if you don’t wear such models in everyday life. In addition to attractive breasts, it also helps to increase the distance between the bust and hips, which makes you thinner.

11. Turn your body a little when standing

When you stand straight in front of the camera, it makes you wider. Turn your body a little to show yourself from the best side. One shoulder should always be slightly farther from the lens than the other. Also, put one foot forward to lengthen the body.

12. Photo editing

We all know that photos of models in the magazine undergo serious editing before publication. Therefore, you shouldn’t blame yourself for using a special app to make you skinny. For example, Retouchme has many functions and doesn’t require special skills to quickly understand the details of editing. Find out more about its slimming function by at https://retouchme.com/service/skinny-photo-editor/. It’s difficult to follow the rules of successful posing all the time during the photoshoot, but the skinny app is accessible to everyone.

All these tips will help you to have a beautiful portfolio or look good in the photos on social networks. You can choose only those rules that help you the most, for example, suitable clothes, correct posture and retouching photos in the app if something goes wrong.

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