4 Flawless Outfits Ideas to Consider for Your Office Christmas ‘Do

Whether it’s the highlight of your festive calendar, or you’d prefer to stay home watching the Grinch instead of being in attendance, your office Christmas party is almost here, and it’s time to start planning what you’re going to wear. 

The office Christmas party provides you with the opportunity to show your colleagues a different side of yourself, and impress others who you may not deal with on the regular. So, whether you work for a straight-laced company or in a trendy (likely loft-based) office, it pays to dress in accordance to the overall vibe of the party. 

That said, it’s one of the few occasions you can really inject your personality into your work attire, and when you love clothes like we do, that’s not an opportunity you want to let pass you by.

To help you make the right impression, we’ve whittled down four outfits that will work for every type of workplace. Keep scrolling, and we guarantee you’ll be the talk of the office the morning after—for all the right reasons. 

While we’re firm advocates of sequins, pared-back dresses, such as a velvet slip, will be more fitting of a work get-together. 

If, however, you intend on donning some sparkle, why not try toning down a glitzy skirt with an oversized knit and chunky Mary Jane shoes. 

If you have little time to change before finishing up for the day and heading to your office bash, we suggest adding a fanciful blazer to your usual work trousers. Then, simply finish with a pair of mules. 

Satin is one of the season’s most decant textures, but it can look somewhat formal in dress form. For a more relaxed take on the trend, try wearing it in jumpsuit form. 

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