15 Winter-Ready Outfits We Can’t Stop Looking at This November

It can be all too easy when temperatures drop to a certain (read: icy) level to lean on the same outfits you have for the past few years, huddling up in grey, navy and black knitwear and the same black ankle boots. While you can’t beat a classic, if you’re looking for some new winter combinations, the likes of Ada Oguntodu, Jessie Bush and more have been wearing a number of practical yet still interesting looks you too will be able to wear on repeat until spring.

Many of these key items you’ll already own, such as roll-necks and classic blazers, but you can make your winter wardrobe more 2019 with cream boots, teddy coats and leather trousers. Just because you have to make sensible choices, doesn’t mean you have to spend the next six months in boring and unadventurous outfits. 

Keep scrolling to see 15 winter outfit ideas and combinations that you can lean on during the cold snap.

Style Notes: Troubleshoot any potential downpours with a waterproof bucket hat, leather jacket and slick cargo pants. 

Style Notes: Corduroy proves just as toasty as your failsafe denim—particularly when paired with a blazer and roll-neck. 

Style Notes: Leather trousers are a wintertime staple. For a fresh take, seek out a burgundy or brown hue, then match your boots to them for easy coordination. 

Style Notes: You needn’t forgo midi skirts when temperatures drop. Instead, wear them with a woollen shacket, wipe-clean shoes and thick knitted socks.

tyle Notes: Nothing sums up winter quite like a teddy bear coat. Wear it with your wardrobe basics to ensure it’s the focal point of your outfit. 

Style Notes: Knitted skirt and jumper combos don’t have to match to look chic, as evidenced by Monikh Dale. 

Style Notes: Even your floatiest of dresses can be given a winter overhaul with the addition of flat, tread-sole boots. 

Style Notes: For a classic take on winter dressing, stick to a tonal colour palette, as well as wardrobe essentials like trench coats and berets. 

Style Notes: For formal outings, try matching the hue of your jacket or blazer to that of your dress underneath. That way, it’ll instantly pull together your look as opposed to distracting from it.

Style Notes: Cinch in the heat by layering a sleek belt bag over shorter jacket styles. 

Style Notes: If your outerwear is of the bold variety, keep the rest of your outfit pared-back to ensure it looks cool, not cliché. 

Style Notes: A tonal winter white outfit can be just as timeless as classic black. Take the lead from A Style Edit and pair a teddy coat with light jeans to let statement boots do the talking. 

Style Notes: We’re avid fans of leopard print coats here at Who What Wear UK. This winter pair yours with vintage blue jeans and sturdy Chelsea boots for a simple yet statement weekend look. 

Style Notes: Megan Ellaby knows that to stay warm you shouldn’t have to compromise on style. Simply pair your favourite skirt with knee-high boots and an oversized puffer to keep cosy throughout the colder months. 

Style Notes: Printed trousers can be just as versatile for winter as they are in the summer months. For best results, pair alongside your favourite heeled boots and finish with a neutral-toned coat. 

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